What the critics are saying about Cherish the Ladies

Cherish the Ladies has been a leading group in the Irish traditional world…it is simply impossible to imagine an audience that wouldn’t enjoy what they do.

Richard Dyer
The Boston Globe

Expands the annals of Irish music in America…the music is passionate, tender and rambunctious.

Jon Pareles
The New York Times

Superbly led by the larger than life Joanie Madden on whistles, flute, harmony vocals and introductions, these ladies dusted the perceived cobwebs off traditional music by presenting it in a new light, with a mixture of first class ‘kick-ass’ playing, sensational singing, dynamic dancing and infectious humour, that packaged it and sent it into the modern world – without ever losing respect for the musical roots.

This homely approach, with great stage banter, ensured not only an entertaining night but also that never before has ‘trad’ been so enjoyable.

The Belfast Telegraph, UK

Cherish the Ladies is one of the foremost Irish traditional music groups in the world.

Billy Altman
The New York Daily News

The Ladies are first generation Irish-American with pride in their roots, a terrific sense of fun and heaps of music in their fingers and toes. Cherish the Ladies is their name and cherish them this enthusiastic Glasgow audience did.

Rob Adams
The Glasgow Herald (Scotland)

For Cherish the Ladies, named after a popular Irish traditional jig, the jig is not up. Madden’s tenacious but tactful helming of the ensemble should be studied in business schools. It should also be scrutinized in music schools. For 25 years and counting, Cherish the Ladies have shown that Irish traditional music from America remains a vibrant, diasporic marvel.

Earle Hitchner
The Irish Echo

This collection of women offers an astonishing array of virtuosity…..

J.D. Considine
Washington Post

They are now among the busiest, best, and most popular Irish music groups in the world.

Scott Alarik
Boston Globe

Cherish the Ladies from the USA, made their connection from the first note, skillfully managing the cheers and tears for every second of a torrential two-hour set. The band brilliantly strutted that very Irish-American sound which simultaneously exudes a tremendous joie de vivre and deep nostalgia.

Fintan Vallely
The Irish Times (Dublin)

They have converged and risen like a great wave to engulf the hearts of audiences from Brooklyn to Belfast and from Boston to Brittany. They are currently in top form, touring the world as a mighty example of the richness of America’s Irish music traditions.

Steve Winick
Dirty Linen Magazine

The six women who form the Celtic band delivered a thoroughly engaging performance brimming with spirit, precision, wit and soul.

Mike Joyce
The Washington Post

While the standard has been remarkably high throughout the festival, few concerts could hope to provide as much satisfaction as this one. Cherish the Ladies received a standing ovation, both for their music and ebullient good humor, and were a hard act to follow.

Kenny Mathieson
The Scotsman

…Only recently have Irish-American women challenged the male-dominated traditional music scene, and proven themselves capable of as much poetry, exuberance, and soul as the tradition requires. An outstanding ensemble…

Leslie Berman
The Village Voice

The two-and-a-half hour concert was one of the finest traditional performances I’ve ever attended and “the Ladies” are the musical equals (some would say betters) of the Chieftains…Cherish the Ladies provided a stellar evening.

Marybeth Phillips
Irish Edition (Philadelphia)

… What made this ensemble even more fascinating was the fact that they are America’s first all-female group in was has always been a male dominated field… Among the highlights: bubbling good humor, infectious enthusiasm and the exuberant step dancing.

Don Heckman
Los Angeles Times
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